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We love dried figs because they are good and they do well! They have an ancient tradition but are also modern. We consider them the fruit of longevity, they have surprising nutrients and a unique taste.


Our aim is to give our customers a product that has maintained over time the same traditional and natural method of preparation and able to offer a unique sensory experience

  We have also some of the best products of southern Italy as

  Toritto Almonds, Giffoni Hazelnuts and Olive Leccine

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Italian dried figs are among the best in the world. In particular, southern Italy offers different qualities of dried figs that are cultivated and then processed according to a centuries-old tradition.


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Soloperto dried figs are figs of Salento. The Dottato fig matures in mid-August, has a soft and semi-fine flesh.
The honeyed and sweet taste allows us not to add sugars and to let our customers enjoy all the sweetness of natural fig.



email: info@solopertofood.com

telefono: 3397010081 , 3492879237  

Soloperto Giuseppe Corso Umberto 167,  74028 Sava (TA) PI 033133440739 , CF SLPGPP79B26L049A

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