Italian dried figs are among the best in the world. In particular, southern Italy offers different qualities of dried figs that are cultivated and then processed according to a centuries-old tradition. Soloperto dried figs are figs of Salento.


The Dottato fig matures in mid-August, has a soft and semi-fine flesh. The honeyed and sweet taste allows us not to add sugars and to let our customers enjoy all the sweetness of natural fig.


We also have Toritto Almonds, Giffoni Hazelnuts and Olive Leccine. Among the best typical products of the south

Almond Figs


After a slow drying the figs are stuffed with the famous "tondina" almond from Ostuni wisely roasted and then flavored with wild fennel and completely natural lemon peel

Toritto almonds


Variety Filippo Cea in the high confectionery is the exclusive protagonist, used especially to make the royal pasta and important confectionery sets

Dried figs


All the well-being and taste of dried figs in the Mediterranean wind. They give potassium, calcium, phosphorus and fiber needed in everyday life.

Chocolate almond figs


The tempting temptation of a fig wrapped in a cascade of pure chocolate in a pack suitable for every moment

Hazelnuts from Giffoni


The one which lends itself well to the palate and also in preparations for desserts and creams appreciates the quality developed by the plant to withstand the strong wind that passes through Giffoni

Olive Leccine


Specialties from Salento Normal or spicy in extra virgin olive oil with bay leaves and rosemary. To be used on every delicious occasion




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Soloperto Giuseppe Corso Umberto 167,  74028 Sava (TA) PI 033133440739 , CF SLPGPP79B26L049A

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